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Welcome to FCHH Media Agency

Our full company name is Full Circle Holistic Health, which is where the "FCHH" comes from. 

About Our Company
With over 18 years of being an entrepreneur, operating both online & brick and mortar based businesses, we have the experience (and results) to serve you.  We help entrepreneurs create profits with proven and profitable advertising strategies that grow your business by working smarter not harder.  We build sales funnels that sell, implement marketing automation that works for any business & run FaceBook advertising that brings home the bacon.

Barney Kuntze,
CEO & Founder

FCHH Media Agency
About Us
After 15 years of being an entrepreneur, I have worked directly with & learned from some of the best in the industry. FCHH Media Agency brings you that experience to your business, for penny's on the dollar of what it cost us to acquire this knowledge. Not to mention saving you a ton of time.
Our Company
FCHH, is an acronym for Full Circle Holistic Health. We believe that you and your business need to be holistically healthy to enjoy life to the max!
Major Benefits
We invest highly in our own coaching to stay ahead of the game, to bring your the cutting edge of what's working TODAY!
Our Services
We only offer 3 services, of which we are highly skilled & experienced at.
Professional Delivery
We treat your business, like our business. We're 100% certain you will get a great sense of that when you start working with us.
Welcome to FCHH Media Agency
Forward Thinking
One of our core values is taking a holistic approach to thinking about the BIG PICTURE when it comes to your advertising strategy.
Industry Experience
With over 15 years successfully operating my own businesses that have generated over $8,284,302 in 3 industries. 
Fully Certified
Working directly with industry leader Jason Hornung, I've been fully certified as a "FB Ads Profit Maximizer Bootcamp Specialist"
Welcome to FCHH Media Agency

Forward Thinking

One of our core values is taking a holistic approach to thinking about the BIG PICTURE when it comes to your advertising strategy.

Industry Experience

With over 15 years successfully operating my own businesses that have generated over $8,284,302 in 3 industries. 

Fully Certified

Working directly with industry leader Jason Hornung, I've been fully certified as a "FB Ads Profit Maximizer Bootcamp Specialist"
Services We Offer
Facebook Ads is our specialty.  It's what we do best! 
We often get asked if we can build out our client's entire sales funnel or help with their marketing automation.  With the experience of doing it first, walking the talk - we have generated over $1M in revenue using Facebook, ClickFunnels & InfusionSoft
Facebook Ad Services
Anyone & everyone appears to be able to run Facebook Ads these days, but very few can run ads with a step by step proven process delivering a guaranteed profitability formula.

Jason Hornung, is considered one of the LEADING secret authorities when it comes to FaceBook Advertising!

Professional Converting 
Funnel Building
Start from scratch or completely rebuild your Funnel Building services offered with ClickFunnels.  Our own funnels have generated over $1,515,095.02 in just 5 years since entering the online marketing space. 

Marketing Automation 
with InfusionSoft
Whether you're running one company, or operating multiple brands - InfusionSoft will solve your multi-system chaos with sophisticated marketing automation. I am a Fully Certified InfusionSoft Certified Partner and have proudly been using InfusionSoft for 8+ years!
We're fully certified & learn from the best!
Facebook™ Ads Profit Maximizer certified media buyers are uniquely qualified to help businesses create profitable advertising on the Facebook™ ads platform. These media buyers have demonstrated mastery of the 6 Step Facebook Conversion Code™ proven to generate $2 to $1 returns on ad spend (or more) with Facebook™ ads.
Hear From Our Customers
Barney helped to bring clarity in my business to see the areas that have the greatest amount of growth.  His team manages my website, SEO & content marketing along with advises me as a business coach on many levels.

Most recently he just helped me redesign my website that was stagnant for a few years.  I'm now PROUD to send my customers to my website as I continue to build my high-end restoration masonry company. 
Conrad Blackwell
Royal Masonry
Dr Jim Bob Haggerton
I can't say enough about Barney and his amazing team of VAs!!!

I started years ago with Barney on switching over a website I was paying way too much for and getting no support on. He helped me create a seamless transfer and offered fantastic support at a fraction of the cost at the time.

Since that day as my vision for what I want to offer my members and clients and grown, Barney has been vital in taking that vision and not only making it happen but improving on it and making it BIGGER!

We have built a newer site that can house any and all of my content and courses backed by a system that can handle all the traffic I want to push to it and are about to launch an app as well and I wouldn't have been able to do any of it without Barney and his team.

Their communication is top-notch and one thing I love is that he clarifies the steps and things we need to take at least a couple of times before we move ahead because he knows I need it!! LOL

Having his team of VAs as back office support has been invaluable as well. Things that would have ordinarily taken me days or weeks to get done (if ever) take his team a matter of a couple of hours to the following day to get done for me. I don't know how I ever got anything done without a team like them behind me. I'll never go back to working the way I was before.

I can't recommend his team and his services enough. If you need anything done from email blasts set up to full web build to assistant services with his need to give them a call and work smarter, not harder.

Network Marketing Professional, Chiropractor 
& Natural Health Educator.
Dr Ruth Roberts
I’ve known Barney for many years and we have worked together on his Animal Wellness Summit. He has been a trusted sounding board and has given of himself and his time to promote me and others who helped promote him. 

As he moved into more agency work, he was showing me some of the projects he was working  on.  I mentioned I really needed a better members area platform. 

I was having issues with the site crashing, not consistently giving access to members, and a  lot of hassle for my team to keep it functioning. 

We talked for several weeks, and Barney patiently answered all my questions. I’ve been burned by several other  developers in the past for thousands of dollars, and I was hesitant, even knowing Barney as well as I do. 

People love to tell you they under promise and over deliver, but Barney really did. 

He gave me an on time delivery of the new site in spite of multiple significant issues like my old site being heavily infected with malware, corrupted site data and several other horror stories. 

The Site is beautiful, clean and easy to Navigate, and my current customers are loving it. 

It also instantly increased sales as people could see what other courses were available, and what I have to offer. 

Looking forward to making use of the groups & forums as many of my peeps don’t have a Facebook account or don’t want to use it. Plus, I own the the community, not Facebook. 

I can’t recommend Barney and his team highly enough. He is a person of integrity, and will do what he says he will  do. 

Dr Ruth Roberts
Holistic DVM, Author, Speaker & Consultant
Kristen Hall
Holistic Educator, Horse & Essential Oil LOVER
Gigi Carroll
Holistic Farmer, Oola LIFE Coach & Essential Oil LOVER

Yesterday, I had my first coaching call with Barney, it was like a fire was lit under me! My visions and goals are clear, yet I didn't know where to start to achieve them. We dug deep and discussed quality questions and established a couple of specific action steps to take immediately. I was so inspired that I got right to work and completed two of the three already. I am so looking forward to next week's session.
Krissy Chin
Co-Founder GRO WorkSpace
Founder -

Lots of things had been falling through the cracks in both of my brands that were costing me time and money.

Now that I have a full-time VA I am able to pass off a lot of the busywork that takes so much time and be able to focus on what I need to focus on to increase profits. And you really can’t beat the cost. It’s been a solid investment in my business that will continue to pay itself back every month.

Can’t recommend Barney’s VA placement program enough.
Stephen Conca
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I have to say that over the years I've spent (wasted) a tremendous amount of money and time trying to find people to help me extend my reach to help others.

Barney took the time and went above and beyond to understand the mission of my business as well as my personal life, and long-term goals.

At heart, Barney is a coach and he loves to get the best out of you and your purpose. He's someone you want to have in your corner, without a doubt!
Scott Morrison
CEO & Founder

Rebecca Gordon

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